Blog How Rebel Handmade Supports you and your business

How Rebel Handmade Supports you and your business


I wanted to share with you how rebel handmade supports you – and perhaps a little background information is necessary! Since starting my own handmade business in 2005, I’ve increasingly found myself passionate about helping and supporting people like me.

I once had a brick-and-mortar store and I won’t deny it, I do miss it and sometimes wonder if I would be willing it back and there’s a small part of me that yes I would. The challenge here though is finding the space and having funds so with that said I am doing the next best thing – supporting handmade business online.


  • Featured Artist on Sundays
  • Articles to help you grow your business online in person
  • Content Calendars that you can use for your own blogs + social media
  • Quartley Showcases in our Facebook Group for you to sell your art
  • Become a sponsor and have your add be seen
  • Write articles for the Rebel Handmade Magazine
  • Quarterly Trend updates to help you stay on top of your products
  • Special Feature Interview in the Magazine, on Youtube, on the blog, and Newsletter.
  • Sampler Box – still in development

I will be looking for other ways to highlight your work and what it is you do and if you have ideas and suggestions, be sure to comment below! And before you ask, some of these items are not free but they allow me to run and host this website.


Rebel Handmade is a Website that supports Handmade Artisans Worldwide! Every Week we offer new Featured Shops and Shout Outs, Challenges, and more! The goal is to help support Handmade Artisans and share their creations with the world! We Love to promote Handmade! In addition to promoting Handmade Artisans, we have added an Artist Directory to our site. 

Plan your blog content, shopping dates, and when to work on new creations! 

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