FA: Claybrook Pottery

Claybrook Pottery is based out of Richmond Va and her story is absolutely inspiring, so be sure to read about it here! She creates her works of art in her private studio but doesn't mind the occasional guests, so if you're in the area, reach out to set up an appointment to come by.   Visit the website here Follow and like the Facebook Page here

FA: VintageT&A

Vintage T&A does custom-made to order tumblers, etched glass, decals, T-shirts, signs, pretty much anything you can think of.  Visit and like the Facebook Page

Labor is NOT free for crafts

I want to write about charging for your arts and crafts because again this week someone in a random group shared that "Labor is always free for crafts" and it absolutely gets my blood boiling.  As artists (yes crafters are artists too) we spend hours and hours practicing and perfecting our craft. We invest in the materials and tools needed to do what we do. And we spend more and more hours practicing and perfecting our craft - and even after 10,000 hours, we continue to be our own worst ...

FA: The Fabric and Crafts Shop

The Fabric and Crafts Shop strives to supply quality items for the imaginative and creative. Visit and like the Facebook Page Visit and follow the Instagram Page

FA: Handmade Greeting Card Factory

Located in Ashland, VA, Handmade Greeting Card Factory is run by Denise and her passion is designing and writing unique greeting cards. Each card is handmade from a variety of specialty papers, embellishments, and sentiments. Card themes range from Thinking of You, Birthday, Best Wishes, and much more! In fact, I can design a card for any occasion that you like. Visit the Website  Visit and like the Facebook page

FA: Redeemed Woodturning

Redeemed Woodturning is a family affair from the partner duo running the business, the parent's support, and their daughter being an inspiring entrepreneur! They work with several local tree companies in order to give new life to the otherwise forgotten trees. They also venture out in search of down and discarded trees in the local cities and counties. The functional art they create can be handed down to generations telling the stories of the tree and the tree's history.   Visit the ...

FA: The Cheeky Squirrel

Perfectly Imperfect Squirrel Feeders and Bird Nest Boxes. Beautifully handcrafted using reclaimed wood. Helping protect nature and the planet. Each piece is put together with care and precision. Wherever possible and available we use reclaimed wood so although the wood may not be perfect, we still use it to make a "perfectly imperfect" product. Every product we make, our squirrel feeders, birdhouses, and birdseed wreaths all have the same purpose … to give nature a helping hand. Visit ...

FA: Wicker & Lilies

Wicker & Lilies customizes wreaths of your choosing as well as adds personalization! The wreaths are handmade and created with a variety of materials including grapevine, mesh, and burlap.   Visit and like the Facebook Page Visit and Follow on Instagram

FA: THTieDye

THTieDye is out of Virginia Beach bringing you incredibly works of tie-dye! Visit the Etsy Shop Visit and follow on Instagram

FA: Cinder M Creations

The About section on Cinder M Creations says it all: "My mind is a colorful chaotic place and this is my way to share with you." The inspiration first came via Electric Forest, Cinder's first music festival in the United States. "I find expression through psychedelic lenses of surreal nature aiming to capture attention through a total UV reactive world"!  Visit the website Visit and like the Facebook page


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