Useful Tips for Handmade Product Photography

I have compiled some useful tips for handmade product photography because we live in a visual world and as artists, whose goal is to create revenue from your handmade work, creating photography that sells is often the one thing overlooked. When you add your product to your online selling platform, you want the photo to do at least one of the following: Give the visual of the item so people can imagine owning it Getting the attention of the prospective buyer leads to a sale Display the item ...

FA: Teasin' Tarts

Amazingly strong candle Tarts with attitude! And exploring the Facebook page - the name is absolutely accurate! I mean just look at the pictures - and while I have not personally (yet) experiences them - just the look makes me not want to melt them.  Visit the Facebook Page I hear a website is in the making - and I'll update it once I know for sure! 

Avoid these Vendor Event Mistakes

Selling your handmade creations can be a lot of fun but also quite stressful no matter the size of the event. There are a few things you will want to keep in mind!  In my handmade business, I wood-burn, crochet, and make jewelry but I don't take all of that with me for events you can find all of that on my website. Too many different items at a vendor event can overwhelm customers when they come to your booth. Instead, bring the focus to one area of your creations. Think about what your ...

FA: Michi Made Boutique

Michi Made Boutique - creating and curating unique styles for your unique personality! Michi Made Boutique started out as a way to create unique styles for individuals via social media. Now, it’s become more than just unique handmade accessories. It’s become the stop for styles for the bookish, the gamers, the programmers, the sci-fi/fantasy nerds, and beyond with accessories from artists and makers from around the world. Visit the website  Visit and like the Facebook ...

Vendor Event Success for Artists

In 2009, I started selling my art every single week at local Farmer's Markets and various Festivals around our local area. In 2011, I burned out and solely focus on selling online but almost completely closed my art business until 2020 when my desire to create art resurged. You may not be surprised that in 2022, I decided to go back into in-person events, but this time I decided to only do one event per month - maybe two if it's the right fit.  Over the years, I learned a few things about ...

FA: Hello Paradise Lane

Paradise Lane was first launched back in October of 2020. She started this small company in hopes to learn new things about herself, showing off some of her passions for creating things, and most importantly, giving back to my community!  I absolutely love how she arrived at her name and what her business is about! You can read all the details about the owner here!  Visit and like the Facebook Page here  Visit the website here

Build your email list - here's why

I've said it before in another post, social media can be here today but gone tomorrow. In the recent month, I've shared about social media profiles and why they matter to your blog, and why I think that's important. You can explore those posts here!  Today I am going to share with you why starting and growing your email list as an artist is important too! So what exactly is an email list? An email list is simply a list of emails that your business collects from visitors and customers that ...

FA: Gs Crafty Shop

Gs Crafty Shop does handmade farmhouse decor, front door signs, and holiday decor! You're encouraged that if there is something you want to be made and do not see it here or on the Etsy page please just ask!  Visit the Etsy Shop Visit and like the Facebook Page

Why Blog and what to blog about

In one of my earlier posts, I shared why you should be selling from your own website - and I still stand by it for many reasons. But I also believe in having a blog. I've been blogging on and off since 2005 and more consistently since 2013 for not only my personal journey as a special needs parent but to share my art as well has helped people get started with their dreams and goals. And out of a combination Rebel Handmade was born - and here I am still blogging. And while some may think ...

FA: VR Handmade

VR Handmade is a jewelry maker and crocheter. She creates what calls to her and wants to share it with the world. Visit and like the Facebook Page Visit the Etsy Shop


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