FA: Our Little Niche Designs

Our Little Niche Designs is a crafting small business. They customize stainless tumblers, all occasion wreaths, keyrings, badge holders, and just about all fabric crafts you desire. Visit and like the Facebook Page here Visit the Etsy Shop here

Creating Social Media Content

When starting a business and getting all of your social media pages set up and up-to-date, creating content can be a smidgen overwhelming!  Social media platforms are great for marketing yourself and growing your bigger audience as well as helping you make sales! But lots of followers and likes don't always mean lots of sales! Someone with a few followers can easily be making the same or more money as someone with lots of likes and followers. What can make the difference is the work you ...

FA: Paisly Paige

Paisly Paige is out of Spotsylvania, VA, and as someone who uses crystals in life and sometimes in my handmade work - her gems and crystals are beautiful. And that isn't all she has to offer as she makes jewelry, stickers, and watercolor paintings, but what really caught my eye was the little manifestation buddy which has a crystal inside! Check out the Facebook Page here  Visit the Etsy Shop Here

Why Social Media is important for Artists

Gone are the days when word of mouth is enough to grow the reach of your business. I've come across a few artist businesses that use their personal social media profiles for business which on some of these platforms is against their terms of service and can have your profile shut down.  But why is having social media so important? Well, simply because it allows you to reach, nurture and engage with the people in this world no matter where they are located! This means you can reach your ...

FA: Emerald Glow Boutique

The shop opened in December 2020, and Jocelyn shares that it truly brings out her creative side. She is looking forward to selling more than just candles as I expand my inventory. ALL of her Pillars are made to order and are hand-made with love. I mean, just look at these beauties! Making handmade candles is no small feat when you want to make sure it's level and evenly distributed. And then add the scent and flower petals - it is utterly beautiful.  Head on over to the Etsy shop here ...

FA: Essential Balms

Essential Balms are made locally in Midland, VA with all-natural ingredients.  I don't know about you but when it comes to putting anything on our skin, I always prefer to go as natural as possible. Natural lip balms provide great nourishment to your lips as they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that do not just help in keeping the lips completely moisturized but maintain the softness. As someone who used to make lip balms myself, I know the care that goes into them.  Check out ...

FA: Mystical Sunshine Co

There is no shortage in finding handmade artists! This week I am featuring Mystical Sunshine Co! Handmade gemstone jewelry. Wire wrapped pendants, mala prayer beads, bracelets, earrings & rings made for your highest good. Each with its individual meaning & purpose; Personally cleansed & charged with positive intentions! Clear Quartz Wire Wrapped Ring: Each ring is unique in design and wrapped using german wire in silver or gold color. Rose Quartz & Unakite Healing Statement ...

FA: Kammi's Kreations

Sometimes you come across an artist who doesn’t have a shiny website but is doing amazing things and yep today we have Kammi’s Kreations! I’ve been following this crochet artist for a long time and as someone that crochets myself – the one thing that makes her stand out – she doesn’t use patterns. She does monthly sponsors of elephants and butterflies that support a local to her non-profit organization called Walking Forward Together (WFT). They give these ...

FA: Tie Dye Devil

The owner and operator of Tie Dye Devil introduce the business as followed: Hello and welcome to Tie Dye Devil. Just a chic and her son making tie-dye creations in their spare time. We love them so much and want to share our talents with you. Some days we make some really dope stuff…some days we learn a lesson on what not to do again. Thank you for checking us out! One of the specialties is reverse Tie-Dye and I have to say it looks pretty darn cool – check it out: But that ...

FA: Mad Hatter Seamstress

I want to introduce Marina from Mad Hatter Seamstress who is turning T-Shirts and other fabrics into amazing bags and creates the coolest little crochet dudes out there. I happened to own a one-of-a-kind bookbag she made me from a sweater. Check out this Nirvana Drawstring bag – I love the concept of turning old T-Shirts you don’t wear into something more useful! A coveted creation, Nirvana t-shirt converted to a drawstring bag. Inside pocket, adjustable strap can be switched ...


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