Handmade Business + Marketing Guide

Handmade Business + Marketing Guide

You've been in the midst of a creative session and have not thought about how to market your new handmade creation.

You've taken the perfect photo of your art, you've written the description and you are pleased with yourself because you also managed to add it to your shop!

And even if you’ve been going at it for a while now, do you ever look at your orders page, hit refresh, and wonder how you can make more sales? 

No matter how many sales you have under your belt, that is always the question: 

When will the next sale come in? 

And well when you have a good marketing foundation for your business that you repeat every week and month but that means you need: 

  • Start a blog
  • Create a website
  • Start an Instagram, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a Pinterest, a TikTok, or whatever social platform is trending
  • Build an email list and send out a newsletter
  • Optimize your products descriptions for SEO
  • Run promoted listings on selling platforms
  • Promote a sale, offer, or giveaway on your shop
  • Pay influencers to promote your products
  • Get your product story published in a magazine or a blog

On top of it all, you are prepping for events every month and you're responsible for your packaging and shipping. Holy Batman! 

Staying on top of creating handmade products can be challenging enough, and whether you've done this for a minute or two, the Handmade Business + Marketing Guide is here to help you set your goals, plan your marketing, and tap into the idea resources inside to take out some of the guesswork of what you should be writing about on your blog or social media and your newsletter. 

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