Blog Things you need to know before you start a business

Things you need to know before you start a business


Being a business owner is one of the best things I have done for myself and I love cheering people on who take the courage to become their own boss. There are some elements that I think would have been helpful to know in the beginning and I want to share a few things because as rewarding as it can be – it’s also challenging on many levels.


I see it many times, new business owners posting about how they made one post, added one item to the shop but no one bought. Here’s the thing though, it requires consistency in not only creating engagement on your social media platforms but creating new items and adding them to the shop.

I tested this theory a bit this past year. The more consistently I shared what I was working on every day, the more sales I had. When I didn’t share the behind-the-scenes or progress and only posted blog posts and promotional posts – it was relatively quiet on the sales front.

While you can schedule some social media posts you want to balance that with real-time posts and you want to do it consistently. The schedule and forget it model doesn’t really work well – people are curious and want to know how you do what you do.

So get out a piece of paper, write out your ideal week from creating your social media posts that are a mix of fun, behind-the-scenes and promotional down to your creative work time and free time. When I started to schedule everything on a planner and noted busy times on my google calendar, not only was I more productive BUT I was able to be consistent with creating, sharing, and selling.

Don’t be afraid to post about your work or ask for referrals or ask for the sale. I know when I first started I shared my work but I didn’t say “hey if you like it buy it”. There’s a fine line between promoting every day and being spammy about it. Sell every day but also have fun and engage with your community!


This is a big one! I think we all at some point like to believe that we will be successful overnight – but the truth is that it takes time to grow your audience, your email list, your product list, your client base, and then finally see the results of the consistent work you’ve put in.

Many creatives want to quit before they even got started because they didn’t see the success right away! Think about it this way – you don’t go to college for a single day and voila you’re a doctor. No that takes years of studying among other things. Again this goes back that you have to be consistent but some days and weeks can feel hard but you just keep going because that’s how you’ll win!

There are a few things you can do to help your mindset that can help you during those challenging times! Journal in the morning from decluttering your mind with your thoughts to writing down what you’re grateful for. You can hype yourself up about how amazing you are and the skills you have. Believe you are awesome because you are!


When you are serious about your hobby now turned business, things will shift. You’ll be ready for a website and your own brand. My handmade business took on some transformation until I landed it under what it is today. You don’t have to have it all perfect – the important thing is that you get started and commit to this being your money maker. Also, be sure to make it legal in the area you live and have a business account separate from your personal account and pay yourself a percentage from each order you receive, and use the rest to cover expenses! There are many ways to handle it – I recommend reading or listening to the book Profit First – it’s been a game-changer for me.


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